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Tree Relocation / Moving

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 Tree moving saves $

Moving your own trees saves money otherwise spent on purchasing new trees for your project, as well as saving the costs of having to cut them down.  

Tree moving instantly creates a mature landscape

We can move your large trees out of harms way during construction and transplant them back to areas where you want a mature, grown-in look.

Move your trees with confidence that they will grow and thrive

Big Trees Nursery has many decades of experience moving thousands of trees ranging from 3' to 60' tall in 24"  to 14' boxes.  We offer a guarantee of survival of transplanted trees for an additional charge.

Our Certified Arborists direct the relocation plan including:

1. Identifying candidate trees that will survive the relocation.

2. Establishing relocation specifications and guidelines.

3. Maintenance protocols during storage and after replanting to final location.

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