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Stop the bulldozers.
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We can save you the expense and grief of cutting down your trees and possibly even pay you for them.      

Trees we are looking for:

We salvage a wide variety of healthy, well-formed ornamental trees such as oaks, pines magnolia and many others.  We need at least 3 trees in one location to justify bringing in the salvage crew and equipment.

Trees we can't help you with: Any type of Palm tree including King & Queen palms, Mexican fan palms or Washingtonia robusta.  

Salvage tree criteria: 

Excellent form & healthy
Excellent form can mean low branching, multiple trunks, or single stems.  Well form means that they are not crowded or shaded by another tree and are full on at least 3 sides.

Accessible by heavy equipment

This means if you have a gate less than 9’ wide into the back yard we can’t access the trees.

Room around the tree

We need at least a 6’ radius out from the trunk free of anything except soil, i.e. no driveway, sidewalk, concrete planter, or curb within 6’ of center of the tree trunk.


No wires within 10’ of the top of the tree, or underground utilities (water lines can be repaired)


No large rocks within 4’ of surface and out 6’ from the trunk


How soon does tree need to be removed? Some trees require months of pre-transplanting treatment.


We want from 4”-18” of trunk diameter at 3-4’ off the ground. Heights - 12’ to 55’, except for some very slow growing trees.

Geographic location

Unless there are a number of high value trees we generally confine our salvage operations to Southern California.

Cost to remove or price paid for the tree

Variable depending on the above criteria and tree type.

To salvage your trees or for more info please email  photos of the trees to TonyBolado@treemover.com or call 858-487-5553

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(858) 487-5553
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