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About Us

Big Trees Nursery provides specimen trees to leading landscape companies in the industry as well as individual homeowners.  Our customers include many of the premier landscape architectural firms, landscapers, as well developers in California and throughout the Southwest.  Our trees can be found gracing homes and commercial sites in places such as La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Newport Coast, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Woodside, Atherton and other high end projects throughout California and the Southwest.

Our People

Big Trees Nursery has experienced people driven by excellence and guided by decades of experience.  Our crews do things “the right way” so that you are assured of great trees delivered on time.  Key people are: Western Regional V.P. and Nursery Manager - David Cox, Sales Manager - Mary Stewart, Sales and Operations Consultant - Charlie Jancic, Office Manager - Eva Laguda, Field Manger - Trevor Holland, Tree Acquisitions and Quality Assurance Manager - Pedro Vargas, and Tree Moving/Relocation Services Manager - Mark Holland.  Mary Stewart, and Staff Consultant Charlie Jancic are certified arborists and licensed pesticide applicators with decades of experience in  specimen tree sales.  Field Manager Trevor Holland leads an exceptional experienced team of field workers, and Mark Holland can accomplish the most challenging of tree boxing, moving, relocation and installation jobs.

Our History 

Charlie Jancic, our staff Operations and Sales Consultant, previously owned and operated the largest nursery in the country specializing in living Christmas trees, Pinery Tree Farms.  Additionally, he has owned and operated several wholesale and retail nurseries throughout his 45 plus years in the industry.  In early 2017, Charlie sold Big Trees Nursery to Environmental Design Incorporated.  This transition has greatly expanded the operations, resources, and expertise of Big Trees Nursery.  In addition to a larger and broader selection of specimen trees, we now offer large tree installation and relocation services through our sister company Environmental Design California, and have a national portfolio of projects. 

Nursery Locations

12450 Highland Valley Road, Escondido, CA  92025  is the location, and mailing address of our office and a 30 acre production yard.  123 Vista Merriam, San Marcos, CA 92069 is another specimen tree yard however please call before you visit and ask for directions as it is hard to find the various tree sections.  You are welcome to visit our yards Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  If you need sales assistance, please call 858-487-5553 for an appointment as we are not always on site.  We also have a number of other satellite yards in California.

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Big Trees Nursery
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